Hikes in South Evia


Karystos has a plethora of paths and gives the hiker the chance to experience the uniqueness of the hidden secrets of history and nature. To walk in footsteps of Zeus and Hera, on the paths of Ochi, the mountain of Karystos is a unique experience. The morphology of the land, the unique megalithic monuments of the Drakospita, the Castles, the watermills, the olive-oil presses, the rich flora and fauna of the area is a real treasure. Take the Cavo d’Oro journey back in time to a forgotten Greece with its small villages, few residents, herds of animals and steep slopes that are lost in the embrace of the Aegean Sea. The Aegean Sea, an imposing coastline with its deep blue waters challenges you to dive. The Gorge of Dimosari River is nature untouched. It is perhaps the best of Evia, a trail under a thousand year old plane trees, lonely hills and deep ravines. Bridges, watermills and the quiet village of Lenossa has green in all shades, a true celebration of nature.

You have to live it!

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